Kevalaṃ rāja-yogāya
Knowledge of hatha yoga is only for purpose of rāja-yoga

Online Yoga Classes

Begin your day with the gentle and energising hatha yoga class from the comfort of your home.

These are one-hour sessions of complete yoga practice of joints and glands exercises, dynamic sun-salutations, asanas, relaxation and pranayama and meditation.

The practice will allow your body release stress and stiffness, purify the body of toxic waste and unblock the pranic flow. Yoga asanas grant good physical health by stretching, massaging and stimulating the pranic channels and internal organs. Yogic relaxation is nourishing to the nervous system and restores the energy system of body-mind complex. Pranayama is working with the pranic energy through the  breath; emphasis on gentle, smooth, even flow of breath helps to
strengthen the lungs and balance the nervous and pranic system and prepares the breath and mind for meditation. Centering and meditation help to bring the distracted mind to calm, tranquil state.

The group class is suitable for beginners and regular practitioners. If you have any special health condition, please consult your doctor before enrolling.

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