“Yogah Karmasu Kaushalam”
Yoga is skillfulness in action

Corporate Programs

The global pandemic has blurred our work and home boundaries; managing new challenges,
multitasking now has a new meaning.

It is also a perfect gift from the nature, an opportunity to tend to ourselves and work on areas that
have been ignored – be it attending to your physical health or caring for mental and emotional

Yoga offers practices that are relaxing, restorative and energising for the body and the mind. When
the body is relaxed and mind is calm and alert, our performance at any work is enhanced; there is
better connectedness with self, and a sense of satisfaction is obtained.

We offer various applications of yoga at workplace and for the working soul.

  • Yoga at Desk –  practices for better posture, releasing muscular-skeletal tensions
  • Breath Practices – to boost energy, clearing the mind of clutter and calming the nervous
  • Relaxation Practices – improves parasympathetic response and lowers stress levels
  • Asana by stretching, twisting, bending the body asanas help to release pranic blockage,
    improve metabolic and hormonal activity
  • Yoga for the Mind Meditation relaxes the mind, so when stressful situation arises you can
    maintain calm and respond in the most relaxed possible way. Meditation practices for the
    busy can be used by most beginners
  • Teamwork Yoga – Yoga is not all serious stuff! Apply yoga in team building and bonding with
    some fun activity

Connect with us for a talk on yoga or half day or full day sessions. Yoga can also be integrated in outbound programs, or personal training for those who need. The sessions are offered both online and offline.

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