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Children's Yoga Training

“In childhood, the mind remains tender. A tender bamboo can be bent easily but not a mature one.”
~ Swami Rama

Children’s Yoga training is designed for educators, yoga teachers, special educators, parents and anyone who works with children and would like to bring the goodness of yoga for holistic learning and upbringing.The training is offered in modules of introductory talk and 3 to 12 hours workshops spread over one to three weekends.

Scope of workshop topics:

  • Yoga as foundation of learning and growth
  • Yoga philosophy – application of yamas and niyamas in childhood
  • Adopting yoga in various developmental stages in children
  • Asana practices for different age groups, 5-8 years, 8 to 12 years and 12+ years.
  • Benefits and contraindications, adjustments and teaching methodology
  • Respiration and breathing exercises for children
  • Relaxation, mantra and meditation for calm and sharp mind
  • Developing concentration in children
  • Techniques of teaching – games, stories, play yoga, art
  • Yoga integration in classroom and online schooling
  • Adapting yoga for children with special needs
  • Yoga for the family, as a parenting tool

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