Month: October 2020


–By Madhavi A is the first letter of the alphabet. Similarly, Ahimsa, or nonviolence, is the first step in yoga practice. Without passing A one cannot get to B. Without understanding ahimsa one cannot achieve success in yoga, for it is the foundation of all successive steps to self-realization. What exactly is nonviolence? Simply put, it is the absence of

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Breath: My First Lesson in Yoga

  “Your breathing is paradoxical”- said the yoga teacher in my first ever yoga class as an adult. I had never noticed my breath before. It made me wonder if there was anything to the breath that one needed to pay attention to. That was over a decade ago. In paradoxical breathing, during exhalation the chest is expanded and abdomen

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5 Food Habits to Heal

“I am a foodie!” How often we say and hear that. Food is our necessity and indulgence, it is central to our conversations, bonding, celebrations, moodsand importantly health. In the yoga system our physical body is called annamaya kosha – the food sheath. Our body is created from food, and is the food manifested. Food kindles our senses – the sight of

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